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Take a Step Back Photography Contest

  • 31 May, 2011
  • Jason Kirby
Life can be overwhelming, busy, and fast and amidst the routine walk to your car or bike ride to work your surroundings fly by just as quickly. This month we are challenging you to take what you see every day and bring it to life. We want to implore you to take that something you see every day (And may not even pay attention to) and capture it in a NEW and exciting way. This is going to have you slow down and smell the roses, as they say, creating an opportunity to truly interpret a special part of your life in a new way from your surroundings, to your pet, to your favorite coffee mug! This contest is very open to everyday items, animals, or even people. The first part of this contest is finding that everyday subject that you interact with all the time and the second part is interpreting it from a new perspective or from an interesting new view or angle you choose to shoot from. Go crazy! Enjoy your surroundings, take photos, and enter the contest for a chance to WIN! 
Photo Credit: Connie Cotton

How to Enter: 
1. Decide on an Everyday Subject: Take a Step Back photo that you want to enter in the contest (we will review photos before adding them to the contest.)
2. Use the “Enter Contest” button below and submit your information along with your photo.
3. It will be reviewed and if approved it will be uploaded to the photo album on the Facebook page (

How to Win:
Once your photo has been uploaded there will two ways you can win.

 1st way you can win – Like last time, 3 winners will be selected based on the total number of ‘likes’ they receive for their photo. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners (see prizes below). It will be your responsibility to tell your network and Facebook friends about your photo and to have them like it. In order for them to ‘like’ your photo they must first ‘like’ the page (I got a lot of questions about this last time, so make it clear to your friends so they understand). The three people with the most ‘likes’ will win.

 2nd way you can win – Because not everyone has a million Facebook friends, but may have a great photograph it is not fair to only grant prizes to the most popular and determined people on Facebook. Therefore, there will be 3 winners whose photographs will be selected by three professional photographers. The judging criteria will be based on composition, black & white contrast (exposure), and the overall appeal of the photo. Everyone’s photos that are submitted will be judged and three winners will be selected based on the results from the judges. However, there is one requirement for photos to be judged, you must obtain at least 5 ‘likes.’ The purpose of these contests is to promote sharing and critiquing of photos to help improve your photography skills, however if you put no effort into sharing your photos then it goes against the purpose of the contest. Anyone can easily get at least 5 ‘likes’ (one from yourself, one from your dog, your mom, and then find 2 more friends, easy enough, right?).

The Prizes
Prizes for the most ‘likes’ –

–       First Place will receive a 16×20 canvas print of a photo of their choice, up to 3 free classes of their choice.*
–       Second Place will receive credit of up to 2 free classes of their choice.*
–       Third Place will receive credit of up to 1 free class of their choice.*

Prizes for best judged photos –

–       First place will receive a free ThinkTank Photo bag from (a big thanks to our sponsor) and up to 3 free classes of their choice.*
–       Second Place will receive credit of up to 2 free classes of their choice.*
–       Third Place will receive credit of up to 1 free class of their choice.*

*Classes available in San Diego, CA, Dallas, TX and Vancouver, BC.

This is over $1,000 in free giveaways! So what are you waiting for….enter the contest now!

Entries will be accepted from December 8th through December 30th. Winners will be notified by January 5th to bring in the NEW YEAR!


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