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SKLZ Grand Opening Photography

  • 30 Jul, 2013
  • Jason Kirby
  • Corporate Events, Grand Ppening,

SKLZ is a top of the line athlete training facility that just opened up its headquarters in Carlsbad. When I say top of the line, I mean top of the line. This place had everything an athlete could ever want. I wish I had access to a place like this when I was playing football back in the day. The athletes at the facility consist of local high school athletes, to NFL draft potentials, to actual professional athletes from the NFL, Softball and PGA. It was a really impressive event and I was stoked to be shooting the event and learning about the facility. Below are a couple of photos of the facility during its grand opening.SKLZ-0123SKLZ-6188 SKLZ-6208 SKLZ-6224 SKLZ-6235 SKLZ-6241 SKLZ-6246 SKLZ-6262 SKLZ-6351 SKLZ-6353 SKLZ-9974 SKLZ-0023 SKLZ-0047 SKLZ-0052 SKLZ-0088


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