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Associate Appreciation for Walmart Employees – Red Carpet Photography Experience

  • 18 Sep, 2013
  • Jason Kirby

This week we were contacted last minute by Walmart to setup a red carpet experience for their top associates from the southwest region. They needed us to come in at 7am and setup a red carpet step & repeat photography experience where we would take photos of all their top associates and print a 4×6 photo for each person in the photo. They also opted last minute (while at the gig) to stay an extra hour and capture candids of the event itself. Walmart and its employees were very excited to see a red carpet and to be the center of attention at this event. Although it was a morning red carpet event which is not the usual timing, they employees were very excited about it and loved that they were getting a 4×6 print to take home with them. The print will be a keepsake from the appreciation day where they were highlighted as one of the best associates in their region. It meant a lot to them and it was a pleasure to provide them that keepsakes.

On-site printing is something that a lot of companies are finding the budget for because of the instant gratification it provides attendees and the value it builds with them over time as they keep the photo on their desk or on the fridge to remind of the event. Be sure to consider adding on-site printing to your budget for the next event you put on.

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