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Robo3D Printer Corporate Photography

  • 5 Jan, 2014
  • Jason Kirby
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Have you heard of 3D printers? Well, they are SUPER cool. You can actually print 3D objects of any kind with plastic. It is amazing to watch in action. I went to college with the founder of Robo3D Printer, Braydon Moreno, and we worked out a deal to get one of their printers in exchange for some professional photography work. I feel like a total nerd, but it’s a lot of fun and reminds of the era when computers first starting coming out and geeks were ‘nerding out’ over them. I feel the same way about the 3D printer revolution.

Braydon reach out to me a few weeks ago and wanted to get some professional shots of his team and the printer. They are getting ramped up for CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. They want to make a big splash with their affordable, sleekly designed 3D printer and needed some photos to make them look good. This is where we came in. I had a couple consultation sessions figuring out exactly what kind of imagery they are looking for the team, printer and the printed objects. We came up with a thorough shot list for everything and were able to get all of the shots they needed prior going to CES. We went with a clean white background with a hint of post production reflection for the product shots to go with their website design. After the shoot and post production, the photos came out great. Robo3D has already replaced some of their old images on their website with our new ones! It is always very satisfying to see our clients using our images to help market their products and services better. Shooting original corporate content or stock imagery in San Diego is what we specialize in and it’s great to see our clients appreciating our work.












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